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By: John Elder posted in SEO

Hello good people!

There’s a theory floating around, I think Rand over at seomoz first came up with it, that says Google only considers the relevancy of the anchor text of the first link to a given web page that’s listed ON a web page.

Or to put it in slightly more understandable terms….say I’ve got a web page and I happen to have three links on that page pointing to one other page on my site…and all three links are pointing to the same page. You can picture this….for instance if I have a “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and one on a side menu, and one at the bottom. One, two, three “Contact Me” links.

Google (so the theory goes) will only scan the first of those “Contact Me” links it finds on my page, look at the anchor text for it, determine how relevant it is, and sort of ignore the other two duplicate links.

Ok, bad example since the anchor text for my example link probably only says “contact me” or something equally boring…but you get the idea.

This goes into the whole duplicate content, and internal link juice debate.

Anyway, to cut a beautiful story short…some company built a free little tool that scans your web page and tells you what the first link is and some other mildly interesting stuff.

I played around with it and found it sort of neat, for about 2 minutes, and then lost all interest in the thing….but maybe you can find some use for it. Hey, it’s free.

It’s called the “First Link Checker” and did I mention that it’s free?

So go play around with it and then come back here and post a COMMENT below!

-John Elder
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