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I’m John Elder and I’ve been making a living online since 1996. I’ve never had a real job, 100% of my income comes from the Internet and always has.

People always ask me just how in the world I manage to make a *real* living online… sometimes they get confused by my answer, sometimes they’re skeptical, but they always wish they could do the same thing…that’s why I built this website.

My goal is to help 1 Million People make the transition to being fully self-supported and independent online

There’s no better lifestyle than the Internet lifestyle. Working from home as much or as little as you like…having the freedom to travel when and where you want…not having to put up with nasty bosses, jealous co-workers, or hectic morning traffic….these are just a few of the benefits of living the dream life online.

And you deserve it!

I’ve done just about everything online you could think of…

Back in 1997 (I was 19 years old) I built one of the Internets earliest online advertising networks and sold it to a publicly traded company at the height of the dot-com boom.

Then I built a biotech portal website and sold it to a group of investment bankers.

After that I started developing and selling a popular search engine submission software that’s been used by over three million individuals and small businesses in over 45 countries.

But lately things have changed for me…

Recently I’ve made most of my income through adsense and affiliate sales. In fact that’s what this web site is mainly focused on…my adsense journey.

Why Adsense? Because it’s so easy that anyone can get started for almost no money. At the same time it has an unlimited upside potential.

You don’t have to hire a staff to deal with customer support. You don’t have to purchase inventory, deal with returns or angry customers, or really have any physical overhead at all besides a super cheap web hosting account to host your adsense websites.

Very little startup costs, no headaches, virtually no risk…what other business opportunity can boast these same things??

So why doesn’t EVERYONE do this?

The problem is, there’s a WHOLE lot of garbage out there when it comes to learning about Adsense and affiliate marketing. If you don’t know how to do it just right, you can spend a whole lot of time and money and end up with very little income to show for it.

So I thought I’d build a blog that cuts through the BS and simply journals my adsense journey. That way you can follow along, see what I’m doing, see what works and what doesn’t, ask questions, and apply everything you learn to your own adsense empire.

What could be easier?

So I hope you’ll join me. Subscribe to my blog, follow me on facebook and twitter, get involved, ask questions. Becoming financially independent is the greatest feeling in the world…what are you waiting for?!

-John Elder
The Marketing Fool!

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