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Building Niche Adsense Websites…Part 3

Hello good people!

Thursday is here, which means that tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this week to die! I’ve got a startup networking event tonight that might be fun, so at least there’s that.

Chicago has created this huge startup incubator of sorts where tech entrepreneurs can rent desks and conference rooms and stuff. It’s meant to promote entrepreneurship and help startups get off the ground. Tonights a sort of grand unveiling..should be fun.

So yesterday we talked about picking a niche and today I want to talk about picking a domain name.

In my old thin adsense strategy, picking a domain name was a very important part of the equation. You wanted an EMD (exact match domain) for your niche, or as close as possible. But that’s not nearly as important with this niche website strategy that we’re discussing now.

Why not?

Because with my thin strategy, 100% of your site traffic came from organic search traffic, so having an EMD was important to help the site rank well at Google.

But with my niche website strategy, we aren’t going to be relying on Google for traffic as much (which is why these sites are great to have in your portfolio for those times when Google decides to wreck havoc with the SERPS).

So What Kind Of Domain Name?

For this strategy, branding is more important. We’re building niche websites, but I like to think of them as portal websites. Think of them as the number one spot to go for information on X.

So I start out with the EMD if possible. That’s still good. Of course, most emd’s are taken. So now we start adding words onto the end of the emd.

For instance, if we’re going to build a model airplane website; the best would be I don’t even need to check, I already know that name has been taken!

So we start adding words to the end. Words like:

  • World
  • HQ
  • Pro
  • Advisor
  • Universe
  • Store
  • Shop
  • Stop

You get the picture. You can also add a word that makes sense to the context of the site. Think about airplanes, they have hangars, runways, airstrips, airports, etc. So you might try something like or

We’re looking for something that will stick in people’s minds so that they remember you. It also helps with branding.

Sure, it takes a little effort to think of something creative, but like I said earlier; these sites aren’t the kind that we’re going to be churning out in the thousands. You might throw up one of these a week, spending a couple hours a day working on it (for instance).

Over the weekend I’ll decide on the exact niche and domain name of our example site, and next we’ll start talking about site design and layout. It’s going to get interesting fast!

Keep on Building!

The Marketing Fool!

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