How To Increase Sales With A Guarantee

By: John Elder posted in Internet Marketing

Hello good people!

Today week I want to give you a quick tip that’s guaranteed to increase your sales conversion ratios.

“Offer A Money Back Guarantee With Whatever You’re Selling”

I’m stunned whenever I see a site selling something and I don’t see them shout from the heavens that they offer a money back guarantee!

First off, you should always offer a money back guarantee.

Doing business on the Internet, you have to build up trust with your potential customer since they don’t know you and will never see you.

You’ve got to put all the risk on your own shoulders, not your customers. If they know that they can always send the thing back, it goes a long way in getting them to open their wallets.

Second off, you should always make your guarantee stand out. Draw attention to the guarantee. Use big bold letters and flashy colors! Make it a major selling point in your site’s copy.

“Our Iron Clad 100% Money Back – No Hassle – Satisfaction Guarantee!!”

Draw attention, make the person know you are really serious about your guarantee. Anything you can do to ease the worry when someone is trying to decide to spend money is good.

Next…time frame…how long should you offer a money back guarantee? Some places offer a 30 day money back guarantee, some places offer 60 or 90 day. What’s best?

That depends. Test each one yourself and see which ones pulls the most responses (sales). My tests have ALWAYS shown that the longer the guarantee, the more sales I get.

So I always offer a year long money back guarantee, or a “Lifetime” guarantee.

Sounds crazy, and it sounds like you could really get hurt offering such a long guarantee. But the truth is, I hardly ever get asked for a refund.

If you believe in your products, and they’re good products, you won’t have trouble with people returning your stuff.

When I do occasionally get asked for a refund, I immediately issue it. I want to make the process as easy as possible for the person who’s returning my stuff.

Always be courteous as well. Often times, people who return stuff comment on how fast and easy it was, and how helpful I was…often these people return to buy more stuff from me in the future.

That’s about all I have to say about guarantees. If you aren’t currently offering one, start doing so and see for yourself how much your sales will increase.

That’s all for today. See you next time!

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John Elder
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