Diversifying Away From Adsense

By: John Elder posted in Affiliate Marketing

Hello good people!

Today I want to spend just a couple of minutes talking about some simple ways that you can diversify away from Adsense.

We all know how fickle Google can be, both in their search engine, and in their Adsense program. If you’ve been in this business very long then you probably know people who have been kicked out of the Adsense program for no apparent reason (or maybe you have been yourself!).

Google won’t tell you why, won’t let you appeal their decision, heck – they won’t even talk to you about it.

Need To Diversify!

In any business or investment, it’s good to diversify…and this business is no different. What does that mean? It means that you should have a number of backups in place for adsense in case you need them.

But not just backups, why not use them right now?

Right now I’m working on a massive new strategy for thin sites that I mentioned a couple of days ago that depends on several other sources of income besides Adsense. It may take a while before I’m ready to show you my new setup, but in the mean time I can talk a little about some of the monetization methods I’ll be using.

If you plan on following my new strategy yourself, you should really start signing up for accounts at some of these places now because it sometimes takes days or weeks to get approved for an account.

You should do that anyway, even if you aren’t planning on following my new strategy. Why? Like I said, it’s good to diversify. Heaven forbid if something goes wrong with your Google Adsense account, you don’t want to be sitting around for weeks waiting for these new accounts to get set up.

Other Monetization Methods

Basically any affiliate program will work, in a broad sense. But I’m going to be focusing mainly on the shopzilla affiliate program. It’s sort of a mixture of amazon and adsense.

But one of the really interesting things about shopzilla is that they have an api that you can tap into programatically in order to build things like shopping engines, price comparison engines, and more ecommerce looking web sites.

It’s a little complicated to use their api, which is why I’m going to go into it in great detail right here in the coming months. But I think you’ll be amazed at some of the things you can do with it. It’s especially neat for those of you who think what we’re doing here is spam. The sites we’ll crank out with this thing will erase that notion completely!

To get access to the api you have to ask for it and be approved. So what you do is sign up for the shopzilla affiliate program, get approved, and THEN sign up for the api.

Shopzilla powers a ton of sites out there like bizrate.com beso, tada, and others.

What else?

Besides shopzilla, we’ll also be using the old amazon affiliate program for some odds and ends, as well as some individual affiliate things from sites like commission junction etc. So I’d sign up for them all as well. There’ll be others too, and I’ll let you know which as soon as I decide to incorporate them into the new project.

Fun things coming…stay tuned and keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

John Elder is an Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Writer with over 21 years experience creating & running some of the most interesting websites on the Internet. Contact him here.

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4 Responses to “Diversifying Away From Adsense”

  1. Christina

    05. Apr, 2012

    hi John, glad to see you getting back into the blog. I am definitely working to diversify my revenue from adsense and thought I’d try your shopzilla suggestion, but they did not approve, but that is ok because I have shareasale, cj, and a few others that I am already a part of.

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    • The Marketing Fool

      05. Apr, 2012

      Hey Christina,

      Yeah some of those affiliate program places can be sticklers about approving people. That’s why I like to keep one really good web site that I use to apply for all the affiliate programs. By “good” I mean something that’s not the least bit spammy. Something that has really professional looking graphics, a nice layout, and is generally an all around useful site.

      You might wait a week or so and apply again using a slightly different name (maybe sign up under your middle name instead of your first name, etc) and use a different email address and website. Sometimes it’s just a matter of applying several times. *shrugs*

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      • Alex

        10. Apr, 2012

        Hey John,

        I just stumbled onto your blog after reading your post on WaFo. Have you looked into Infolinks at all? I’m trying to get away from Adsense (and google altogether) because like you said they are extremely fickle these days. I tested out Infolinks on a blog that averaged 200 UV’s per day and it was bringing in about $5-10 per day. Since you have a lot of sites you might want to look into trying it out on some that are getting heavy traffic. And of course you can still run Adsense, CJ, etc along with Infolinks 🙂


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        • The Marketing Fool

          10. Apr, 2012

          Hey Alex, glad you found your way over.

          No I haven’t really given infolinks a serious look but I will. I’ll probably give it a test run on a sample of my sites and see how it goes. I’ll be sure to report back.

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