Mailbag Friday 7-6-12

By: John Elder posted in Adsense

Hello good people!

Well the heat continues to wreck havoc in the windy city. My poor air conditioner sure is working overtime! Can’t wait to grab a cold beer and call it a week, but before I do let’s open the mailbag…

It’s been a while since I did a Mailbag Friday, but I’m going to start up again every week, so keep the questions coming.

Question 1

Martin asks: What’s the best type of site for someone just starting out, thick or thin?

That’s a great question Martin and one I get asked all the time. Really it just depends. Thin sites are easy to churn out if you have experience coding or with web automation. Many beginners don’t really have this experience though.

Thick sites are easier to build using a basic wordpress theme, but they take longer to build because of all the content you have to create.

For someone just starting out who doesn’t have coding skills, I definitely suggest you start with one thick website. Build it up to between 100 and 150 pages and then move on to the next thick site until you have a nice portfolio earning you decent money.

Then either hire a coder to help get you started with thin sites or invest in some education (self help books or marketing courses about thin sites).

Question 2

Jennifer asks: With Panda hurting so many people, is it still worth it to build thin sites?

Excellent question Jen. I still do advise people to add thin sites to their portfolio of sites, but NOT to make them your sole form of site. Diversify as evenly as you can.

Panda has hurt a lot of people, it’s true. But some of my thin sites are starting to crawl back and different templates are starting to see results.

The trick is to just keep plugging along, trying different things, and being patient. It’s frustrating sometimes but all part of the great game!

That’s all for this week. Keep the questions coming and…

Keep on building!

-John Elder
The Marketing Fool!

John Elder is an Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Writer with over 21 years experience creating & running some of the most interesting websites on the Internet. Contact him here.

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