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Hello good people!

Welcome to another week in the wonderful world of Adsense! Had another stellar earnings day yesterday; with $105 in Adsense earnings and $45 in amazon commissions (off eight items purchased at $640 total). That’s a grand total of $150 for the day! Can’t complain about that!

Yesterday I talked about How To Protect Yourself From a Google Quality Review. If you missed it because it was Sunday, I highly recommend you take a look. The site you save could be your own!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people asking me to go into more detail about how I spin content for my websites. I’ve also received a lot of reluctance from people to learn PHP or use it in any way…which is weird.

But whatever!

I’ve decided to write a few articles about how to mess with a basic wordpress install to make it automatically spin content and create an infinite number of “web pages” automatically. It’s easier than you might think, and you won’t need any third part plugins (though you will need some PHP that I’ll give you – trust me, it’s not as hard as people think, wordpress is mostly PHP anyway!).

In fact, I recommend you stay away from third party plugins for wordpress whenever possible because you don’t always know what you’re getting, and they often slow down page load speed, sometimes enormously (and load speed is a factor Google looks at when ranking sites!).

Over the next week…

This is fairly technical and complicated stuff…so I’m going to take it really slowly…I’ll go one step at a time from painfully obvious to painfully technical and hopefully we’ll get through it and you’ll find something useful.

I’m going to start out with a very primitive primer on spinning. You can search around the Internet for better tutorials, I’m just going to go over some basics.

I highly recommend you buy spinner software. For what we’re going to be doing, you certainly don’t need it…but it makes life so much easier. Why? Because spinning content can get tricky and confusing, maybe not at the “word” level but definitely at the “sentence” or even “paragraph” level. It just makes it easier to keep things straight if you use software.

I use The Best Spinner, and have for years. Its really the industry leader. You can use the trial of it for a week for only $7, then it’s like $70 after that I think. Definitely worth the investment.

What is spin text?

When you spin something, you write something called spin text. It consists of lots of brackets and bars, for instance:

I like {cheese|cheddar cheese|smelly cheese|parmesan cheese|cheeses|gouda cheese|mozzarella cheese}.

When spun, that sentence would create one of these sentences:

I like cheese.
I like cheddar cheese
I like smelly cheese
I like parmesan cheese
I like cheeses
I like gouda cheese
I like mozzarella cheese.

Using my spinning methods, one of those sentences would be shown every time someone loads the page.

That’s an example of spinning text at the “word” level. You’re basically spinning one keyword “cheese” in this case. But you can also spin whole sentences and paragraphs, and that’s where your spin text can get confusing.

Here’s an example of spinning sentence level:

{I like cheese.|Throughout my entire life, I have liked cheese|Ever since I was a child, I’ve liked cheese|I love cheese|Who doesn’t like cheese? I know I do!|Cheese is one of my favorite foods.}

That would spin out one of these sentences:

I like cheese.
Throughout my entire life, I have liked cheese
Ever since I was a child, I’ve liked cheese
I love cheese
Who doesn’t like cheese? I know I do!
Cheese is one of my favorite foods.

You can see, with just spinning one sentence, the spin text is starting to get confusing. But imagine spinning the words INSIDE of each of those sentences. It would quickly become an incomprehensible mess…which is why I recommend The Best Spinner. Take a look:

{I like {cheese|parmesan cheese|gouda|mozzarella cheese}.|Throughout my {entire|whole|complete|existing|general} life, I have liked {cheese|parmesan cheese|cheeses|gouda|mozzarella cheese}|Ever since I was a {child|kid|youngster|baby|toddler|young child}, {I’ve|I have} {liked|loved|enjoyed|appreciated|favored} {cheese|parmesan cheese|cheeses|mozzarella cheese}|I {love|adore|really enjoy} {cheese|parmesan cheese|cheeses|gouda|mozzarella cheese}|Who {doesn’t|does not} {like|enjoy|love|really like} {cheese|parmesan cheese|cheeses|mozzarella cheese}? I know I {do|sure do|really do}!|Cheese is one of my {favorite|preferred|favored|favourite|beloved} {foods|meals|food products|snacks}.}

That’s still a pretty simple straight forward set of spin text spinning at both the word and sentence level. Can you figure out what it will say? Maybe, but probably not. It only gets more confusing. So really, I’m not just saying it – use spin software!

For our purposes, you really want to spin everything as much as you can. Maybe not at the paragraph level, but definitely at the sentence level and the word level within those sentences.

Most people just spin at the text level…that’s not good enough for us. You need to spin whole sentences and the words in there because we’re going to be using ONE spun article as the main content of every page of every site you own. It’s GOT to be comprehensively spun or else Google will realize that you’ve just written one crappy article. Spin the heck out of it though, and you’ll be fine.

And I’ll get into examples of what I mean by really spinning the thing well in future articles.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started though. I suggest you go pick up a copy of The Best Spinner and start to learn how to use it. There’s a learning curve, but Jon has some videos that do a good job explaining how the software works.

Keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

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