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Hello good people!

With Halloween in the air, I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about a simple strategy that can make you buckets of money (and I mean BUCKETS) from holiday type events.

Holidays always offer a spike in traffic for the specific holiday. It should come as no surprise that in the few weeks leading up to Halloween, more people run Halloween related searches at Google.

You want to be sure to be positioned to take advantage of that leap in traffic, and translate it into a leap in income.

My holiday strategy

My holiday strategy is very simple. Every year I sit down with a calendar that lists all the major holidays, and a piece of paper. I go through the calendar and write down every major holiday from every month on my handy dandy piece of paper.

Next I take that list and plan to create 50-100 websites for each holiday.

It’s really easy. Just head over to the free Google keyword tool, and punch in each holiday. Let’s take Halloween for instance. Typing the word Halloween into the keyword tool brings you a list that looks like this :

what is halloween
is it halloween
costumes for halloween
costumes halloween
halloween costumes
costume for halloween
halloween costume
costume halloween
fancy dress
fancy dress costumes
costume ideas
costumes ideas
halloween ideas
ideas for halloween
halloween costume ideas
halloween costumes ideas
costume for kids
kids costumes
costumes for kids
adult costume
costumes for boys
halloween 2010
2010 halloween
adult costumes
kids halloween
halloween for kids
halloween kids
halloween party
spirit halloween spirit halloween
spirit of halloween
halloween spirit
halloween 2011
halloween store
the halloween store
childrens costumes
halloween stores
games for halloween
halloween games
couples costumes
halloween horror
costume store
costume shop
costume stores
halloween pictures
pictures of halloween
costumes for adults
couple costumes
decorations halloween
halloween decorations
costumes halloween 2010
halloween 2010 costumes
halloween costumes for 2010
halloween costumes 2010
2010 halloween costumes
cheap costumes
lady gaga costume
halloween costume 2010
2010 halloween costume
halloween shop
halloween recipes
recipes for halloween
adult halloween
dress ideas
halloween horror nights
plus size costumes
party costumes
costume shops
halloween decoration
halloween game
halloween decor
pirate costume
halloween kids costumes
kids halloween costumes
halloween costumes kids
women halloween costumes
halloween costumes women
homemade halloween costumes
women halloween costume
halloween activities
halloween costumes 2011
pirate costumes
funny costumes
halloween scary
scary halloween
halloween photos
halloween shops
kids halloween costume
halloween outfit
halloween images
buy costumes
halloween parties
halloween costumes toddlers
toddlers halloween costumes
halloween costumes couples

I’ve listed the top 100 terms (out of 800) listed by broad local search volume. Just go through the list and pick the ones you feel are appropriate to build a quick website about.

Here’s one I randomly picked; pirate costumes. Checking right this second, I see that the domain has already been registered. But is available. Bam…just like that you’ve got your first site.

So go through the list and come up with 50 to 100 of those sites, then build them.

Do the same thing for every other major holiday. You can probably do the research (just like I just did for Halloween above) for all the major holidays in about a day.

Timing is important

This strategy relies a little bit on timing. It’s best to launch your sites 4-8 weeks before the holiday. That gives Google time to index them, and puts you in the sweet spot for traffic.

Why? Because Google will often let a new site rumble around in the index for a few weeks right when the site is brand new…while Google figures out just how it wants to ultimately index the site.

After which time Google will slam the site back into the 700’th position for all the major search terms.

But if you launch your site 4-8 weeks before the holiday…you’ll have timed it just right.

What about next year?

You’ll still own those sites…but who knows what kind of traffic they’ll get as an older site. Some will jump back from oblivion and start sending you traffic around it’s specific holiday, but most will stay buried.

No problem, just do the whole thing again next year. Build all new sites. For instance, next year build (notice the 2?) Why not? Build the exact same site, just stick a 2 at the end of the domain name. It will work.

And if it doesn’t…who cares! You’re out $67 in domain fees (provided you took advantage of a $.67 info sale at Godaddy).

Listen, there’s a major holiday of SOME SORT every month. Even if it’s just President’s day or Earth day or something stupid. Building sites that take advantage of the spikes in traffic that go along with holidays is like free money.

And you’ll REALLY be shocked during Christmas time… But I’ll let you figure out that one on your own!

Keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

John Elder is an Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Writer with over 21 years experience creating & running some of the most interesting websites on the Internet. Contact him here.

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