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Hello good people!

Well my mom made it into Chicago without incident. She took the Amtrak train up and was excited because she’d never ridden the train before. Yeah, mom loves stupid little things like that *L*

Today’s article is going to be pretty short because I’m playing host (another great reason to work with Adsense, you can take the day off whenever you want to be a tour guide when family comes to visit!).

I tend to talk a lot about Google and their updates. We’ve gotten into Panda, Vince, Caffeine, Irene, and Fluffy Bunny…okay maybe I made up the last two.

I don’t want this blog to turn into a Google bashing party, but let’s face it…when they make a major algorithm change it directly effects our Adsense sites and therefore our incomes… It’s hard not to bitch and moan a little!

So it’s important to keep up on these things…

A couple of days ago Matt Cutts posted a pretty detailed blog post on the official Google search blog about the last ten recent Google algorithm changes. You can read it here.

I’m sure you completely and absolutely trust everything I say regarding Google on this website without reservation (enter sarcasm) but if you want to read about things like this straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s worth it to spend a few minutes reading that blog post from Cuttsipoo. It’s really informative.

As I mentioned a couple days ago when talking about creating your own daily adsense routine, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes each day reading adsense news to keep current. This latest blog post from sir Cuttsalot is a great place to start.

Plus, it’s really funny to see how he signs off his blog post; “Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer”. comment.

Some of the things you’ll learn about in this nugget are; snippets with more page content and less header/menu content, better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors, retiring a signal in Image search, fresher, more recent results, refining official page detection, improvements to date-restricted queries, and prediction fix for IME queries. Exciting.

So give it a read if you’re so inclined…then get back to cranking out new sites to take advantage of the holiday shopping season!

More tomorrow…in the mean time…keep on building!

The *distinguished* Marketing Fool!

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