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Hello good people!

I woke up this morning to the sound of really loud wind banging against my 15th floor windows. I guess that’s why they call Chicago the windy city, but I think I’ll be staying inside today!

So how did Cyber Monday treat you? I had a monster Adsense day, with $97.36 (which is down from the $137 of the day before but still pretty good!), but the good news is that my amazon commissions finally kicked in; I sold 17 items worth $835 which netted me $58.45 in commissions. That’s a total of nearly $156 in combined Adsense and Amazon for the day. Not too shabby!

I get a lot of questions about content. In fact, I got four questions about it just yesterday. Everyone wants to know where I get the content for all the millions of pages on the hundreds of sites that I own. I’ve touched on this in past articles but I though I’d address it directly today.

Is content king?

When I first started out in this business, I used to hand-write all the articles on all my sites. I would write for 10-12 hours a day and I did this solidly for the first six months or so. Of course, my websites weren’t very big. I think the biggest site I owned was around 100 articles (and it subsequently got banned and deindexed from Google for absolutely no reason). My other sites had between 5-30 articles of around 500-600 words, all with one article per page.

But then Google came out with an algorithm change (I can’t remember the name of is – it was a while back) and suddenly my sites all plummeted.

Months of very hard work vanished overnight. And let me tell you, I write good articles. They were all very well researched, well written, and helpful to the person reading. To see all that effort destroyed by the whim of Google was difficult for me.

So I stopped writing quality content

I started experimenting with different automated content creation methods until I found one that Google liked. And that’s the method I use today. It allows me to churn out unlimited (heck actually infinite) “articles” on an infinite number of “pages” on all my websites, all with no work whatsoever.

It’s a little tricky, and the technical methods are a little beyond this simple article, but here’s the gist…

I call it server level spinning. Basically I wrote one article of a very generic sales type nature…something along the lines of:

“Looking for low prices on X, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all your X needs covered, from X replacement parts, to X warranty information, to X alternatives and X discount information”

Just generic sales-speak that can be applied to any product. I wrote about 400-500 words of that garbage for one article. That’s my one and only article template.

Then I spun that article

Next I opened my copy of the best spinner (but any spinner will do) and spun the crap out of that article. I spun the words, and I also spun whole sentences.

Next I wrote a simple PHP script that would take my article, along with the spin text that the best spinner produced, and spin in right there on the webpage whenever someone viewed the page. In fact, if you hit your browsers “reload” button on any of my Adsense pages, the content spins into something else.

Whamo, instant content of an unlimited nature. I also use php to pull in mashed up content from third parties to add a little originality to the mix. Not much mind you, but maybe 10-15% of the content on each page is from a 3rd party, like twitter updates relating to the theme of the page, or comparison prices pulled from shopping sites. Just something to differentiate each page of my site so that it’s not just that same spun article over and over.

It’s not good content

I’ll admit…that content is generally crap. It’s spam really…but that’s the kind of garbage that Google loves these days, even if they pretend that they don’t. Google see’s it as “fresh” if you can believe that!

And it also allows me to create unlimited amounts of content on thousands of pages in thousands of websites at the push of a button, because I use the exact same spun article on every page of every site I own.

No more slaving away writing good quality articles, and no more spending a fortune hiring writers to churn out new content. And if Google does deindex some of my sites, I just push a button and churn out a few thousand more. I’m not out 6 months of effort like in the old days.

Is this a long term strategy? Probably not. But in the mean time, I’m making more money than I know what to do with…

Keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

John Elder is an Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Writer with over 21 years experience creating & running some of the most interesting websites on the Internet. Contact him here.

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2 Responses to “Content For Adsense Sites”

  1. Freddy

    29. Nov, 2011

    Hey John

    i just follow your sig in the WF and i really like your strategy with adsense.
    it is quite original !

    Are doing as well some backlinking to your web page or just using long tail keywords ?

    it is amazing that you can do so much money with spun content ! i was doing a test a few month with 50 web page with spun content just changing the keywords (2 inners pages spun and home page original) all writing by myself. but i stop it when i saw that copyscape found all of them. i was a little worry to lose my adsense account and i rewrite all (may be i should not and win 2 month)!

    i just subscribed to your newsletter.

    all the best.

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    • The Marketing Fool

      29. Nov, 2011

      Hey Freddy, thanks for the comment.

      No I don’t ever do any backlinking at all. I used to do a LOT of backlinking in the past, but never did see great results so I quit doing it. Now I rely completely on long tail search traffic.

      I use spun content, but I also sort pass variables into it depending on what that particular page is about. So if the page is about Hoover Vacuum Cleaners, that phrase will get inserted throughout the spun content, to make it a little more targeted etc.

      I’d never worry about losing your adsense account over spun content…I don’t think that’s against Google’s terms.

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