Another Google Update? Ugh…

By: John Elder posted in Adsense

Hello good people!

Well it’s the middle of January and it’s 50 degrees here in Chicago, just as you’d expect! Wow! We really haven’t even gotten any snow to speak of yet. It’s just bizarre, but I’m not complaining!

Yesterday I talked about December’s Earnings Numbers, and today I want to talk about something that I touched on when talking about the numbers.

I mentioned that the first four days of January I averaged about $133 a day in adsense and amazon commissions. Then the next four days shot down to about $54 a day in combined adsense and amazon earnings. Yesterday wasn’t much better, bringing in $46 in Adsense and $21 in Amazon (which was mostly just luck) for a daily total of $67.

If not for that fluke amazon bump, the numbers would be more in line with the four days before.

So what’s going on?

I completely expected a drop off in earnings after Christmas. Heck I didn’t expect the good times to roll past new years, and was thrilled that I got four days of January high earnings. Why? Because the numbers had been artificially high because of the holiday shopping season. More people online searching for gifts means more site traffic, and advertisers paying higher rates to capture those shoppers.

But I didn’t expect such a DRASTIC drop off in earnings like we’ve seen so far for the last five days.

It’s hard to figure it out. Some people are suggesting that there was a Google Panda update, though I’ve not heard the normal chatter I would expect to hear when something like that happens.

Google themselves released a list of some 30 odd tweaks they did around the same time that my earnings dropped…but there’s no real smoking gun there either.

Some people have experienced the exact same thing as me, others haven’t seen any change at all.

It’s weird.

I tend to think there was a minor Panda type update. And what are you gonna do about that?

So what now?

Simple, I’m going to keep on building! I’ve been working on finishing my bot that will automatically churn out new sites for me. It should be done in the next 2-3 days.

Once I finish that I plan on churning out about 2,000 new sites over the next three months (I don’t want to create them all at once, I want to space them out for obvious Google reasons). I’ve already purchased the domain names.

Then we’ll see what we see!

Keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

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5 Responses to “Another Google Update? Ugh…”

  1. Jeff

    11. Jan, 2012

    Since you aren’t a rankings persons, I will ask this: Did your traffic drop? Or Has the CPC on your clicks gone down?

    It might not have been an algo change withe Google, but more or less what we all see after xmas, a drop in spending, this goes for advertisers too. They might not be paying as much per click as they were during the holiday buying season.

    That is a definite hit on the income side, I hope it evens out for the month for you though.

    — Jeff

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    • The Marketing Fool

      12. Jan, 2012

      Hey Jeff,

      Both…traffic dropped massively and CPC dropped a bit. I’m pretty sure it’s an algo change because sites that I’ve recently created are doing fine, its just the older sites that have seemingly taken a hit and that usually denotes an algo change.

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  2. Andrea

    11. Jan, 2012


    I wonder if you could provide a html template code for adsense such as the one you laid out in your post on ‘Getting Started With Adsense’. I would like a html page that I can use as a template to earn an income with adsense.


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    • The Marketing Fool

      12. Jan, 2012

      Hi Andrea,

      Wrote an article about it today, check it out at here.

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      • Andrea

        12. Jan, 2012


        Thanks, yes I’ve read the article, I’ve got a html template that I hope will be ok for adsense. I think I’ll have to add some more html code to it though so that it will get the content to rank.

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