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Hello good people!

Well it’s officially Halloween! Hope you’re having a good one. There’s still the odd person walking around the neighborhood wearing their costumes, but for the most part the Halloween excitement was over the weekend. Oh well, all good things must eventually come to an end I guess!

Today I want to talk about something sort of advanced. I call it the Adsense Command and Control Center.

It’s no secret that I build hundreds of Adsense websites…thousands even. You can’t do something like that unless you have a system. The backbone of my system is what I like to call my command and control center.

What is it??

Basically it’s one file that sits on my web server that every single page of every single website I own references.

It’s hard to explain exactly what it is without showing it to you…but I don’t dare show it to you! I’ll try to explain.

Basically it’s a file that different variables from all my websites reference. I’ve sort of mentioned it in other articles. The point of the file is that I can make one simple change on it, and that change will get reflected on every page of every website in my Adsense empire.

That way I don’t have to go through and change every page of every one of the hundreds to thousands of websites that I own.

Without this system, it would be virtually impossible to manage so many web sites yourself (and too expensive to hire a team of people to do it). That’s one of the reasons why I like building my sites with hand coded HTML and php instead of using wordpress.

Now, if you DO use wordpress, you can do the same thing…it’s just a little more tricky. I’ll talk about exactly how to do that in another article. I don’t use wordpress for most of my sites because it’s a real resource hog, but that’s a whole other issue.

So what’s in my Command file?

Lot’s of things. Any time you have something on a web page that you may want to change in the future, turn it into a php variable and reference it from your command and control file.

For instance, I have a variable that allows me to toggle my widget on or off for all my sites. Same thing with Adsense ads. If for some reason I want to remove Adsense ads or my Amazon widget from each site temporarily, I can just change that variable on my Command and Control file and presto!

I do the same thing with external data I might mashup into the site. For instance, sometimes I pull twitter feeds into my websites for a short burst of fresh content. I can toggle that on or off in my Command and Control file.

The point is…

Whenever you build your main website template (the template you’re going to use for most of your websites), add as many variables as you can for as many things as you can and reference them to that Command and Control file.

For instance stick a variable on each page for background color. Feel like changing the background color of every site because you think it might increase the clickthrough rate of your adsense ad? Change it once on your Command and Control file and see it instantly changed on all your sites.

Anything you can think of that you might want to change in the future, code it as a variable. You’ll be glad you did!

Be sure to use a webhosting provider that allows you to set up things so that you can get in there at a root level to put your Command and Control file where all your sites can access it. That’s why I really like Servint because they make it really easy to do this.

Keep on Building!

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