A New Plan

By: John Elder posted in Adsense

Hello good people!

Well the slide in earnings continues, I’m earning around $10 a day and traffic is continuing to slide.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a new unrelated startup that is nearing launch and I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on my adsense empire. But I’m tired of looking at these dismal number and I miss chatting with all of you every day so I’m going to try to find an hour or so every day to get back into the swing of things.

A New Plan Is Born

So I’ve come up with this basic new plan, that I thought I’d outline for you today.

Time Frame: The time frame for this project is 3 months.

Budget: The budget is $348 and will be broken down like this

  • 3 Months of Webhosting Fees with a Servint Essential VPS webhoting account ($49 per month * 3 months = $147)
  • 300 .info domains from Godaddy ($.67 each * 300 = $201).

The basic strategy is this. I’m going to register 300 new domain names all at once. The domain names will be on niches that I already have and the domain names will be similar to ones I already own. For instance if I owned lawnmowers.info before (I don’t, it’s just an example) I would now register lawnmowers4u.info or something like that.

Why? I know my niches work because I’ve seen them work. Why mess with a good thing?

I’ll register 200 sites like that, using the same templates that I’ve always used, but I’m going to write a new Spin Text template to use for all 200 sites.

The other 100 sites will be slightly redesigned to focus more on Amazon products and less on Adsense. They will still have adsense ads, but those ads won’t be featured prominently like in the other sites. These are a test group.

Why a test group? Just in case my old template is the cause of this recent downturn. (I don’t think that is the reason why my sites are no longer earning, but it’s always good to test to be sure). And also just to diversify a little bit, which is always a good idea.

When I create this new template, I’ll draw up a mock image to give you an idea what it looks like if you want to recreate it yourself. I’ve got it designed in my head (for the most part), now I just need to actually create it.

I’m going to deploy these sites over the course of 3 days (using my automated bot), launching 100 sites per day. And I’m going to use my Quick Index Software to get them all indexed at Google quickly.

So that’s the plan in a nutshell. I hope to deploy the plan within the next week or so. It’s Valantines day here in the U.S. this week, which will cut into my free time a bit, so it’ll probably be next week before I get this off the ground.

I’ll definitely keep you posted every step of the way.

Keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

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5 Responses to “A New Plan”

  1. Jeff

    14. Feb, 2012

    I’ve been trying to get .info sites for.67, but all I am finding is no 2.99 + iCAN fees.

    Whats your secret?

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    • The Marketing Fool

      14. Feb, 2012

      Hey Jeff,

      I wrote an article explaining how to get the $.67 .info domains at Godaddy, you can read it HERE.

      I used it last week and it still worked…

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  2. Jeff

    14. Feb, 2012

    Sweet!! I just checked it and it still works. I had been trying to do that for the last few weeks but kept missing that last part.

    Glad to see you are back to posting!! I hope your income starts to climb up again, and I hope your other start up gets up and running soon too.

    — Jeff

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  3. Rahul

    19. Feb, 2012

    Why don’t you track ranking of these sites as well with rank tracker. So, that we know that what happens to infor after4-5 months?

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    • The Marketing Fool

      19. Feb, 2012

      Because it’s superfluous…I already know what happens to them after 4-5 months by watching the income come in from Adsense and watching adsense reports. Tracking the exact ranking on thousands of sites with literally millions of keywords to track would create more hassle and infinite work and not give me any useable information that’s valuable in any way. Also, I don’t like creating footprints and rank tracker would probably do that.

      We’re not building long term assets here.

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