November Adsense Earnings

By: John Elder posted in Adsense Earnings

Hello good people!

Well November definitely took a turn for the better! Earnings weren’t quite back to pre-panda levels, but I could definitely see a strong swing in the right direction.

I’m going to post a full recap of earnings tomorrow and discuss my take on things in greater detail, in the mean time here are the snapshot figures…

Adsense Stats:
Number Of Websites: 300
Page Views: 81,405
Earnings: $2,158.73 Affiliate Stats:
Total Sales: $7,736.21
Total Commissions: (at 7%): $532.46
Items Shipped: 157
Items Returned: 4

So this month’s total earnings come to:
…or just under $90 per day.

Income was up nearly $1,000 over last month, and it’s been surpassing pre-panda levels since about the day after Thanksgiving. All that great holiday shopping madness is really boosting earnings. More tomorrow…

Keep on building!

The Marketing Fool!

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