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Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited about the results of my first full month of Adsense earnings and eager to report them to you. My network of sites sat at 100 all month (I built out 200 more towards the end of the month but those sites didn’t really get indexed by the big G till right at the end of the month, so I’m not counting them for all intents and purposes).

Let’s just dive right in! Here’s my Adsense Snapshot for the month of July:

Adsense Stats:
Number Of Websites: 100
Page Views: 105,516
Earnings: $3,271.11

You can see I averaged about $105.52 per day with my network of just 100 web sites. I’m super happy about that…it’s a great start! But let’s not forget the Amazon.com affiliate income…

Amazon.com Affiliate Stats:
Total Sales: $8,142.05
Total Earnings: (at 7%): $557.69
Items Shipped: 240
Items Returned: 1

I really added amazon to my sites as an afterthought, and I’m really glad I did!! I looks like it might turn into a nice bit of secondary income each month.

So this month’s total earnings come to: $3,828.80
or about $123.51 per day!

Like I said, I built 200 more websites towards the end of the month. With the beginning of the new month, they’re slowly starting to get indexed at Google. August should be interesting, there’s usually an end of summer slowdown, we’ll see how it goes this year…stay tuned!

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