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Hello everyone!

Well, I managed to make it through August. As always, it was a killer month. I started online in 1997 and I can’t remember a single August since then that went well.

I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t matter what sort of Internet business I’m in (software, services, adsense, affiliate marketing, ANYTHING) it never fails…August is a terrible month for online business.

I don’t know why…it’s almost like people turn off their computers and go outside or something! Go figure.

All in all though, I weathered this August better than most. Here’s my August Adsense Snapshot. The breakdown for adsense was:

Number Of Websites: 300
Page Views: 96,898
Earnings: $3,134.86

You may be fooled initially by the seemingly strong numbers. After all, I earned $3,146 in adsense alone. But if you compare that snapshot to last months, you’ll see a decrease of almost 10,000 visitors to my sites. Ouch!

I also managed to pull in about $800 in affiliate commissions. An all time high that I’m VERY happy with. The Amazon numbers break down like this:

Total Sales: $11,809.33
Total Earnings: (at 7%): $802.63
Items Shipped: 315
Items Returned: 6

Amazon keeps growing each month. I don’t ever expect it to catch up with Adsense, but it’s a nice secondary stream of income. In the future I’ll be looking to add a 3rd stream, possibly with commission junction, or shopzilla, or some other method. I’ll let you know when I decide.

So this month’s total earnings come to: $3,937.49
or about $127.02 per day!

Just shy of $4,000 in monthly income after 2 and 1/2 months aint too shabby! In September I plan on deploying at least 600 new sites. Onward!

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