How To Build A Google-Proof
Thick Site Adsense Empire

By: John Elder
The Marketing Fool!

“Learn How Just One Of My Websites Earned Over $3,000
In Adsense And Affiliate Income…

It’s no secret that I’ve made a LOT of money with Adsense over the years…

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know that I own several thousand Thin Adsense websites. What most people DON’T know is that I also own over a hundred THICK Adsense websites as well.

They’re My Secret Weapon…

And it’s a good thing…because in the recent Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, Google really dropped the hammer on Thin sites…

But since then my THICK sites have been thriving…they’re doing better than ever! When Google took out the trash with thin sites, they opened up a lot of space for good, high quality, THICK authority sites to increase in the search results.

And that’s exactly what happened to my portfolio of thick sites….they’re pulling in more revenue than ever.

Why Haven’t I Talked About Them Before?

I’ve never really talked about my Thick Adsense sites here on the blog because they’re a different sort of beast. They take a little more work to build, take a little longer to rank, and generally pull in slower but much steadier revenue.

Most of my readers prefer learning about my quick and easy thin site strategy…so I’ve always obliged…

But ever since Google changed the rules with their Panda and Penguin updates, it’s become more important than ever to diversify your portfolio with THICK adsense sites.

And that’s why I wrote this new eBook. It’s 164 pages of step by step, hands on information that teaches you EXACTLY how I build my profitable THICK adsense sites.

I’ll show you everything you need to know, from picking the right niches, to designing the sites with wordpress or html, to getting the right content, picking domain names that will give you a boost, and even webhosting and much more.

But I Don’t Just Explain It – I SHOW You…

I map out everything, but I don’t just teach you…I actually SHOW you with a real live case-study website that you can follow along with. It’s an actual real website that’s already earned me over $3,000 since I built it.

Real Life Case-Study Website…

I built the site about a year ago and recently sold it at for $1,700. I threw up an exact replica of the site behind a special password protected area so you can play around with it and get a true hands-on look at how these sites are structured.

And not only will you see how I built it, but I’ll also teach you how I sold it and show you the actual flippa auction listing.

This book is an A to Z reference that gives you absolutely everything. You’ll start by learning the basics, like:

  • How To Pick Niches That Pay
  • How To Pick The Right Domain Names
  • How To Build The Actual Websites
  • What WordPress Themes To Use
  • How To Structure Your Site Correctly
  • What Type Of Ads To Show
  • The Best Places To Put Ads On Your Site
  • What Kind Of Site Content To Use
  • How To Monetize In Other Ways Besides Adsense
  • And More…

But those are really just the very basics. In this 164 page book I go into much greater detail and give you more advanced information that you really need in order to make the big bucks. Things like:

  • How To Write Content That Draws Search Engine Traffic Like Crazy
  • How To Silo Your Sites For SEO Success (this is so important!)
  • How To Rank Your Sites Naturally At Google With Little To No Outside SEO Work
  • How To Automate Amazon Affiliate Listings that Pay
  • How To Pick The Best Content Management System, Or Not Use One At All!
  • How To Create Linkbait That Sucks People Into Your Site Virally
  • How To Build A Killer Whole-Site Blueprint Quickly
  • Where To Get Content Ideas
  • How To Leverage Amazon Brand Data
  • How To Outsource Content Creation WITHOUT spending Thousands
  • How To Brand Your Site For Success
  • My Secret Ranking Tricks That Aren’t Well Known
  • Design Tips That Focus The Eye On Your Ads
  • Dangerous Pitfalls To Avoid At All Cost
  • And Much More…

But That’s Not All! Remember when I told you that I sold the live case study website on recently for $1,700? In the book I’ll also walk you through that ENTIRE SELLING PROCESS and teach you exactly how to cash out by systematically selling your sites. You’ll Learn:

  • How To Get Started With Flippa
  • How To Create A Site Selling Strategy
  • How To Systematically Sell Sites and Replace Them to Optimize Profit
  • How To Create Your Auction Listing The Right Way
  • How To Navigate The Flippa Fee Structure
  • What NOT to Pay For At Flippa
  • How Much Money To Start The Bidding At
  • Whether Or Not To Set A “Buy It Now” (BIN) Price and How Much
  • What Info You MUST Provide
  • What Info You Might Want To Leave Out
  • Payment PitFalls That Could Cost Your A Fortune
  • How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Buyers
  • How To Profit From Other People’s Listings
  • How To Build A Name For Yourself
  • How To Use Escrow – And Why You Absolutely MUST!
  • And More…

And these are all just some of the things that you’ll learn from my new book. If you’ve followed along on my blog for very long then you know my style. You know that I lay EVERYTHING out for you in an easy to follow, no hype or BS manner.

The Bottom Line Is…

I make great money building thick adsense sites and now I’m going to show you exactly how I do it. That’s what it really all comes down to. And I guarantee it.

Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee is very simple. Buy the book, read the book. If you aren’t happy with it in any way shape or form, just email me and I’ll immediately issue you a refund. No questions asked.

If you aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Period. And I’m not going to do anything scammy like make you call me on the phone to request a refund, or make you jump through any hoops. Just let me know, via email or through the website contact form and I’ll issue you a refund.

So How Much Does This eBook Cost?

I’m selling it for $37. I think it’s easily worth 5-10 times that much because this is the information that’s responsible for personally making me over $3,000 with just one website.

And it’s info that you just can’t get anywhere else. This is my own tried and true thick site method, explained in a very straight forward and simple way, with actual real life examples. Order online below and you can download the 164 page pdf file ebook and start reading it immediately.

Just: $37

(order online – secure)

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-John Elder
The Marketing Fool!

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